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Product no.: 14714701
Heiniger Pendulum
Delivery weight: 1.04 kg
Product no.: 14714702
Supershear Pendulum
Delivery weight: 400 g
Product no.: 14714704
Ellery Pendulum
Delivery weight: 400 g
Product no.: 96396301
With a safety switch, the EVO Shearing Plant has a 3 speed motor, with solid down tube and bracket.
Delivery weight: 16.5 kg
All belts have a narrow buckle, elastic sits comfortably across your back. High quality elastic and leather. Available in wide or narrow.
Delivery weight: 100 g
Gunrunner Braces clip on to belt loop. Available in 4 Clip Braces (as pictured above) and 3 Clip Braces.
Delivery weight: 120 g
Product no.: 96396302
Courela EVO Hanger - adjustable, fits under or over shaft.
Delivery weight: 3.8 kg
Product no.: EXPcutter

Expert Cutter Pendulum. New Innovative design, for grinding any brand of cutters. Easy to use.

Delivery weight: 300 g
Product no.: EXPcomb

Expert Comb Pendulum. Revolutionary new design, for easy use on all types of combs.


Delivery weight: 300 g